Company Philosophy

Synergy's commissioning philosophy is based on the ASHRAE HVAC Commissioning Process, the Model Commissioning Plan and Guide Specifications from Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI), as well as years of experience as project managers and commissioning agents for MEP systems in clinical and research buildings.

Our commissioning services are provided to:

  • Lead and manage the Commissioning Team
  • Work as Team Members
  • Provide Clear and Open Communication
  • Review Design and Construction Documents
  • Review Submittal Data
  • Document the Owners Project Intent and Requirements
  • Develop Commissioning Protocols and Procedures
  • Develop Commissioning Plans, Reports and Schedules
  • Integrate the Commissioning Process into the Project
  • Review Installation and Construction of MEP systems
  • Commission HVAC Systems and Components
  • Verify Calibration of Control Instrumentation
  • Perform NFPA 99 Electrical Testing
  • Provide LEED Documentation
  • Verify Training of Owner's Staff
  • Review Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Verify Completion of Construction

Synergy's goal is to ensure that the Building Owner has a facility that is fully functional and operates fully in accord with the Project Requirements.