DCAM Springfield Technical Community College


Building 11 is sited in the southeast corner of the thirty five acre campus of Springfield Technical Community College (STCC), located at One Armory Square, Springfield Massachusetts.  Listed as one of the oldest buildings in Springfield, it is part of the Springfield Armory Historic Site which overlooks the center of Springfield and the Connecticut River.  The first two floors of the building date to 1808 and the third was added in 1863.  Originally known as the West Arsenal, the building also served as a barrel house, storehouse, recreation building and an enlisted men's barracks.  During World War II it was used as an officer's club.
The completely renovated, three story, 14,205 square foot, brick building will now serve as a permanent training facility for the Western Massachusetts Regional Police Academy.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Office of Public Safety oversees the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC), the public safety agency that provides the training.  The building is comprised of class rooms, training areas, simulated shooting ranges, office spaces, storage and IT center.  Building upgrades and transformations were used to preserve and maintain the building's historic character.  A geothermal heating and cooling system highlight the sustainable strategies used in the construction.  Individual heat pumps are scattered throughout the building to provide customized temperature and humidity control.  A Johnson Controls™ Metasys system provides control and monitoring of the building's HVAC systems.  Functions can be monitored and controlled from a local work station or remotely from other parts of the STCC Campus.