About Us

Synergy Consultants Inc. (SCI) is a full service Building Commissioning firm. We are experts in design and development review, and provide cohesive collaboration with project teams to ensure complete and comprehensive systems that meet the design program and the owner's requirements.

SCI provides full building testing of all equipment within a given system to provide positive proof of a systems operation, energy consumption and serviceability.

SCI commissioning reports provide a complete and proven vehicle for building facilities to understand and maintain consistent operation of their building. Detailed explanations of inspection and testing procedures via the testing protocols and associated equipment checklists provide a guideline for performance verification of each system now and in the future.

Synergy Consultants also leads by example. The company owns two HYBRID vehicles which we use to transport equipment and employees to the various worksites. We also recycle all of our office materials, use electronic documentation rather than paper, and will take advantage of teleconferencing to avoid spending time & effort to commute to a worksite.

Synergy Consultants is a certified Small Business under the Small Business Administration guidelines and is classified under Other Techincal and Professional Services (541990) in the NAICS guide.

Here at Synergy Consultants we pride ourselves in solving building problems others cannot.